Hi :D

On this page you will find all sorts of informations about my musics.
First of all, you need to know that I mostly work with Fruity Loops. I wish I started learning music with Ableton to be honest, because Ableton looks better for someone who likes experimenting like me, but I'm kind of too lazy to learn how to use Ableton.
I like experimenting. A lot. I'm always trying new genres, and I can't make the same things over and over.
All my musics are free, and it wont change. I'm not interested in making any money from music, and I believe art should be free.

I use the creative commons licence CC BY-NC-SA, so you can remix, redistribute and do everything you want with my musics, as long as you credit me and don't make money from it.

PeKaNo (misc)



track on Sine Anima Vol.1 (noise)
track on Out of Limit (cybergrind?)
track on Out of Limit 1.5 (witch house/nintendocore/downtempo/weird)


track on A Sticky Situation at Flanksgiving Dinner (breakcore/bootleg/mashcore)
bonus track (only available if you DL) on Incohesive Horse Adhesive (breakcore/bootleg)

My label : Mekajiki Records

submission infos can be found here

Kxenath (noise)



album VI (noisecore)
single Rotation (lowercase?)
track on Songs to Relax by the Fire [...] (HNW)
track on Out of Limit (experimental)
track on Incohesive Horse Adhesive (noise)
track on A Sticky Situation at Flanksgiving Dinner (ambient/noise)

Oyama (shitpost) + my shitpost label: Pain dans le Cul

okay the index says that there are some secrets here right? Uh so I guess I need to tell you something... I did this with a friend. But shhhhh don't tell anyone

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